Sunday, November 1, 2009

Carribean Night

Mara Menzies kicked of the night with a short story before she introduced her guests the all singing, all dancing, vivacious Amina Blackwood Meeks and writer poet Joan Anim-Addo. Mara is a glorious young creature who is passionate about sharing her African/ Scottish Heritage. She spent her first 13 years in Kenya and her repertoire includes traditional folklore such as ‘How the cat came to live indoors’ and ‘The Seven Day Story’, to stories based on actual historical characters such as Kenyan freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi. (Website: )
Amina Blackwook-Meeks is one of the more prominent leading storytellers from Jamaica. This cultural icon lives in Jamaica but performs worldwide. Her stories, always entertaining, involve a political bent. Well versed in politics, Amina strives to entertain her audience while relating direct messages about politics and culture of the Caribbean and worldwide. Her educational background includes government, theatre and education, and she draws upon all of these in her varied performances.
She has been referred to as "One of the most dynamic and charismatic proponents of storytelling; a special and rare talent". Amina Blackwood Meeks, has dedicated her life's work to restoring the art form of traditional Caribbean storytelling. "She has broad experience as a practitioner: writing and performing contemporary work for adults and children, organizing the first Caribbean storytelling festival in 1994 and teaching others the skills and ideas to continue the art form which is at the bed rock of Caribbean culture."

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