Monday, September 28, 2009

And on the Seventh Day, they told stories in churches

As part of the Festival Weekend, the very virtuous Anne E Stewart telling stories at the Parish Church of St James Stavely Storytelling Service. All readings, hymns and stories refelcted the importance of stories in out lives.


  1. Hi Annie, Great to see you looking so happy !!!! By the way - there is a long black blankness in the blog - perhaps fix up if you can - as people may not look below it to the first few entries. Lots love Janie XXX

  2. Really enjoying your blog - thanks for sharing your experience. Tourist and storyteller - grand combination.

  3. Hi Anne Great to find your blog and Thanks to Cindy Lee for sending the blogsite. Enviously reading your 'Travel/story log' haven't checked out all the references ..will do that soon ..hope you received my message before you left...Janie's right look as though this experience is certainly doing you good. John doing very well...Love Ronda