Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gods and Monsters: An extravaganza of Performance Storytelling

Been here a couple of days and took myself off to see some of UK’s premier Storytellers, Sally Pomme Clayton with her Children’s show, Tales told in tents, named for her book of the same title. (You can read more about her at http://www.sallypommeclayton.com/) and Ben Haggerty with his adult show, an adaption of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”.
Great to be immersed in watching a couple of storytelling shows so soon in my trip
The Tristan Bates is a small intimate theatre and Sally had set the scene with draped sari to replicate her tent. She led into the stories by talking about her visit to Central Asia and showing us some of the artefacts she had collected. She engaged the audience with her questions about childhood games of make believe tents and stories from her book, very entertaining.
Ben Haggerty and Sianed Jones show “Frankenstein” was amazing. Taken from Mary Shelley’s version, Ben telling and Sianed supporting him with music and song told the story of the “Frankenstein’s creator and the evolution of the monster . Lighting and stage direction enhanced it all.
For over an hour and a half Ben held us clued with ‘an intense steam punk interpretation’ of Mary Shelley’s Work, questioning man and technology, Quite lilting tones gave way to monstrous diatribes. Songs were dream like enhancing characters thoughts and feelings.
Storytelling, enhanced by theatrical presentation, certainly a way to bring it into the adult world
What show could I develop like this, Amazzzing!!!!!!!!!

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