Monday, October 19, 2009

3 Nights, 3 Shows

Great opportunity whilst travelling has been catching up with a variety of shows, great for professional development and an amazing source of Inspiration.

No.1: Captain Corelli's Mandolin seen at Byre’s Theatre St Andrews.
This smash-hit adaptation of Louis de Bernières' best-selling novel about love, death and the sweetness of life, starts gently as Mike Maran slowly introduces the characters; accompanied by Alison Stephens on mandolin and Anne Evans on piano. Simple production, the storyteller using basic props as he tells the story of Dr. Iannis, his daughter, Pelagia, the heroic Italian soldier, Carlo Guercio, Captain Antonio Corelli, and the love they all share on the Island of Cephalonia. The adaption is so clever it just builds and builds between moments of love, war misunderstanding poignancy and death. By the end of the show absolutely spell binding. Moved to tears

No.2: Hanging by a Thread at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh
Devised & performed by Hannah Marshall & Amelia Pimlott
A puppet show like nothing I’ve ever seen. The stage is an old bed covered in a bedspread of knitted jumpers, fragments, worn and torn. Not a word is spoken but the cover breaths and moves, puppets are born out of sleeves and an old woman has knitted herself into the cover. It was like visual art meets theatre piece, outstanding in its uniqueness.

No.3: Chrystal and the General at the Netherbow Storytelling Centre
A reading and performance piece to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Women's Suffrage Movement in Scotland. The story of Flora ‘the General' Drummond and Chrystal Macmillan, General Drummond was a pugilistic Scots militant, tartan swathed and imprisoned nine times for her passionately direct activism. Chrystal Macmillan was a committed internationalist and peace campaigner with the quiet, steely determination of a woman possessed by a razor-sharp legal mind who believed in campaigning within the law. Performed by Suzanne Dance and Clunie Mackenzie (with the script co-written by Jo Clifford), who place stories of the past in the context of our present struggles. Combined with Rachel Amey's vision of women's future, this interactive theatrical event is dedicated to the memory of Sue Innes (writer and feminist campaigner).

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