Monday, October 26, 2009

Kidd family Ancestry

My Dad Noel John Stewart ( Son of Jack Kidd Stewart) always said we were related to Captain Kidd the pirate but I always thought he was just spinning a yarn. But a cousin passed on some family history to me before my trip to Scotland and I now realise it might be the one bit of family history handed down that dates back to our ancestors in Scotland. According to my cousin Sally,

“The Kidd family is said to derive from northern Scandinavia. Spellings variations include Kid, Kyd, Kedd, Keed, Cydd, Cyd and others. Not technically part of the Scottish clan system which was basically a highland phenomenon - though references of it being a sept (a family) of one of the clans can be found in various sources with a commercial motive.. They were part of the lowland populations and originally settled in East Lothian on the eastern seaboard of modern-day Scotland.They are seated in Dundee in the Scottish Shire of Angus which is north of Fife and Edinburgh, half way up the eastern coastline. Dundee is a seaport.

The first Kidd which can be traced back to our family is David Kid who was born about 1645. He married Susanna Allan on 2 November in 1666. Three and half years following they married, they had their first child, a son, John Kidd on 21 May 1670, also in Monimail. The first name ‘John’ was used in the family for the next 11 generations including the latest, Stuart John Gibson in 1963.

I visited this area and felt and home in this Kingdom by the sea

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