Monday, October 26, 2009

A Hundred Thousand Welcomes and Seoras MacPherson

On the opening night we had the opportunity to meet with some of the other storytellers with a drinks and welcome session at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, this was followed by a concert in the Theatre entitled “A hundred Thousand Welcomes” and was stories, songs and music with local tellers Heather Yule, playing harp, David Campell MC and sentimental favourite George McPherson who continued the night at our apartment with a wee dram or two of very fine single malt whisky and dozens more stories.

George or his correct Gaelic name Seoras is a bonafide Senachie, that is he was trained in the role of storyteller. At the age of three his grandfather put him on his knee and started to teach him the stories and lore of his people. The second night he visited our apartment and told us a story of Finn McCool it was almost electric. For me it was like he was telling stories of his relations like he might look at an old and ancient photo album and relate this and that person’s stories. It felt more immediate than I’ve ever heard a celtic story told. Wonderful.

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